Liberté Pinotage 2017


Frisk og delikat new-school Pinotage

Røde bær, krydderier, chokolade

Til charcuterie, oste og grillet kød


The Cape of Good Hope is home to Pinotage. In the 1920’s it was born from the crossing of Pinot Noir and Cinsaut, it is of great importance to wine making in South Africa and part of the country’s rich heritage. Pinotage must be celebrated.

The old vineyards are planted exclusively on decomposed granite soils, they are high-lying and in close proximity to the ocean. This combined with our philosophy of picking grapes when they are fresh and ripe, extracting flavours optimally, as well as using our judgement when integrating oak, is extremely important when crafting this special wine.

B VINTNERS explores vineyards and celebrates the rich heritage of the Cape of Good Hope, with artisan crafted wines. LIBERTé was made with minimal intervention, to allow this African variety, to show its true sense of place and express itself as desired.


Elegance, freshness and finesse is key, still remaining concentrated and age able. Flavours of fresh cherries, blackcurrant and potpourri reveals itself first, with subtleties of dried herbs and spice lending complexity. The palate follows through with fruit concentration, intricate and dense structure, while hints of savoury and spice gives dimensions. The lingering taste of blueberries, is a great reminder of the wines complexities.

ABV | 13.5%


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