L’Ormarins Cape LBV 2014


Blød, plys og velintegreret

Saftig, krydret, nødder og tørret appelsin

Til blå oste, gedeoste og chokolade fondant – eller til en god bog

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L’Ormarins LBV 2014:

WINEMAKING: Grapes are picked by hand, placed into small lug boxes and transported to the cellar in a cool truck at 25° Balling.
Once at the cellar the grapes are de-stemmed and pumped into fermenters. Each batch is cold-soaked for a few days and then slowly brought up in temperature. Fermentation takes place naturally. Colour extraction is enhanced by the pump over method. During fermentation the sugar levels drop from 25 to ±10° Balling. The wine is then fortified with brandy spirits to 17.5% alcohol by volume. The wines were aged for 3 years in French oak and bottled unfiltered.

TASTING NOTES: Overtly raisined nut and spice aromas on a boldly rich and sweet nose. There’s more of the same in the mouth with
ample bursts of fiery rich nutty fruitcake and plum compote. Well judged fortification makes for a bright spirit element that is seamlessly meshed with the vibrant fruitiness. Balanced and effortlessly smooth and restrained with nothing out of place.

ORIGIN OF FRUIT: Calitzdorp.
YIELD: 8Ton/Ha.